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Our Most Award-Winning Stove Ever

Primus OmniFuel can be described in just one word: uncompromising. This is our most award-winning stove ever. It has been tested extensively over many years and has been used on countless expeditions. It is extremely robust, reliable and powerful and was designed to handle demanding situations, extreme altitudes and both low and high temperatures. OmniFuel has a very high output and can be used with virtually any kind of fuel, including gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene/paraffin, and even aviation fuel. Using the separate control knob, you can adjust the flame to the heat you want, even if you are wearing gloves. ErgoPumpTM, a multi-tool with a cleaning needle, a windscreen, a heat reflector, and a convenient and durable storage bag are included. 

  • Weight: 441 g / 15.6 oz. (with fuelpump), 339 g / 12 oz. (without)
  • Output: 3000 W / 10500 BTU/h
  • Burn Time: 70 min on 230 g
  • 8.1 oz gas cartridge
  • Boiling time: 2:00 / 3:10 (+40 sec preheating)
  • Dimensions: 140 x 85 x 70 mm, 5.6" x 3.5" x 2.6"
  • Ignition: Manual
  • Suitable for: 1-4 people
  • Gas Not Included

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